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The Naale Elite Academy ֵprogram was established in 1992 with the goal of providing Jewish high school students worldwide the opportunity to study in Israel. More than 16,000 students from over 65 countries around the world studied through Naale since its inception. The program accommodates motivated, independent Jewish students of all levels of observance and academic interests who seek to expand their horizons.

Students start the program in ninth or tenth grade and graduate after the twelfth grade with a full Israeli matriculation certificate (“bagrut”). During the first year students follow an intensive Hebrew “ulpan” program so that by the end of their first year they are able to speak, read and write in Hebrew.

Candidates for the program should be in eighth, ninth or tenth grade (ages 14 up to 16) when applying. The program is fully subsidized by the Israeli government. The Naale scholarship includes: fully subsidized tuition, free ticket to Israel, room and board, health insurance, trips, extracurricular activities,  and more.

Naale offers different types of schools all over Israel for candidates to choose from. From secular to national religious to ultra-orthodox, kibbutz to a dorm in the city, applicants can find the school that’s right for them.

Applicants must pass academic and psychological tests and examinations before being accepted to the program.  These tests and examinations take place on a special “screening days” which takes place in different locations all over the world a few times a year.

In order to be able to take part in the screening, all candidates must fill out an application form and upload required documents to our online registration web site.  


Dear parents and youngsters (age 14-16), grandparents and friends,
Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to finish high-school in Israel? If so, you are kindly invited to think about our suggestion: Naale Elite Academy.

I would like to begin by sharing a personal story. My family and I invited one of the Naale students to spend Shabbat with us. It was  1992 and only 15 years old. He and his mother became and remain part of our family untill today. Telman finished high-school successfully. He served in the army and started his bachelor's degree in Tel Aviv University majoring in science. His dream was to become an opera singer and he fulfilled his dream.

The epic tale of Naale embraces tens of thousands of people including current students, alumni, parents, host families, educators and many more. Through this site we hope to reach out to any Jewish family around the world that might be interested in this special opportunity.

We wish to supply you with general information about Naale and practical information directed for candidates who have chosen to join this special program.

A little bit of background: The Naale program, was established in 1992 as a joint initiative of The Prime Minister’s Office – through Nativ – and The Ministry of Education. Its mission is to invite Jewish high school students worldwide to study and finish high-school in Israel.
Since then, the program has been expanded to many other countries around the world and today we have students from over 40 countries including USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and many more.

Since it’s inception in 1992, more than 16,000 high school students have come to Israel. Over 85% graduated successfully with a full matriculation. The program is carried out in over 20 schools across Israel and we have successfully placed students in all types of high school programs recognized and approved by The Ministry of Education.

Though the name of the program resembles the word Aliya, students enrolled in the Naale program maintain the visa status with which they entered the country until the end of their high school studies. No commitment for Aliya, not of the student or her/his parents, is required or even requested. Elite Academy is the American name for Naale, as well as Zohar in Latin-America.

"! אין מפעל יותר נעלה מנעל"ה"- "There is no greater project than Naale" were the words the late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin used to describe the Naale enterprise. Those empowering words continue to sustain the Naale program in Israel and all over the Jewish world.

We welcome you to our website and we will be glad to respond to any inquiry.

Yeshayahu Yechieli
Director of Naale

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