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Regional Managers

Regional Managers

Chaim Meyers

Director of the Western World Region

Chaim Meyers, age 34, has been the Director of the Western World Region at Naale since December 2014. Previously, Chaim worked for 10 years...Contact Info

Julia Kritschmar

Regional manager - Europe (Germany, Austria, UK)

Julia was born in Riga. She is married and has 2 children. Since 2006, Julia has been working at the Jewish Agency in Berlin. . She has served since 2013...Contact Info

Miriam Zaga

Mexico, Spain, Central America 

Miriam is a teacher of Hebrew Bible and History, the mother of four and grandmother of nine. Since 2007, she has been the Naale representative for...Contact Info

Talia Priel Tuch

Regional Manager, Western USA

Talia Priel Tuch was born and raised in Israel. Served two years in the teachers unit IDF military. After finishing my studies in the Hebrew...Contact Info

Gidon Berman

Regional manager - Central USA

Gidon was born in the Netherlands and made aliyah when he was 12. After living in an absorption center and completing ulpan in...Contact Info

Einat Cohen-Nissan Glen

Regional manager - Southern USA

Einat was born and raised in Israel, and lived in Tel Aviv until 2000, when she moved to Chicago to work as Hebrew teacher. She holds a BA in Hebrew...Contact Info

Ravid Meron

Regional manager - France & Belgium

Ravid has been living in Paris since 2006. She worked at the Israeli Embassy in Paris for several years and later became self-employed working at...Contact info

Ester Di Segni

Regional manager - Italy

Was born in Rome, for 35 years taught Hebrew at the Jewish High School of Rome, and also a Hebrew teacher in one of the local Rome universities for the past 11 years...Contact Info

Ravit Bar-Av

Regional manager - Northeastern USA

Ravit Bar-Av has been managing public relations and community outreach for non-profit organizations for more than 20 years. As a branding and capacity...Contact Info

Tiki Levgoren

Regional manager - Canada

Tiki earned an Executive MBA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is the mother of three daughters. Her eldest daughter, Roni, is a third...Contact Info

Adriana Moghrabi & Gabi Gitelman

Regional managers - South America (Brazil & Argentina)

Adriana Maghrabi, 40, has a degree in business administration and education, and is married. She works at the Jewish Agency and has...Contact Info


Regional Manager - South Africa

Livnat was born in Israel and moved to South Africa in 1991. She’s married and has three wonderful kids. Livnat has been working at...Contact Info


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