Beginning in 2022, religious girls arriving in Israel on the Naale program will have the opportunity of studying at a unique and exciting new school.

Ulpanat Haleli is located at Givat Washington, a religious academic campus in the Yavne region.

Ulpanat Haleli embodies Rav Kook’s vision of a world based on a combination of faith, art, and deed, offering modern orthodox girls a curriculum that combines high-level studies in the arts and Jewish sources with a religious lifestyle.

Naale will have a separate program within the school, focused on matriculation in core subjects.

Ulpanat Haleli opened in 2015, with the mission of cultivating a generation of modern orthodox girls who are dedicated and talented artists and have high ethical standards. The school serves some 250 students in grades 9–12, offering matriculation tracks in theater, music, film, dance, plastic arts, and high-level Jewish studies. Haleli is known for its intensive and rigorous arts curriculum. Its students, from throughout the country, have a history of impressive academic achievement, and teachers are all respected artists in their disciplines. All of Haleli’s students live in the dormitory, and the school has its own dining room, creating a warm, family atmosphere, and sense of community and sisterhood.

School environment

The Givat Washington campus contains a number of schools and a college of education, and its facilities, which include a library, swimming pool and fitness room, synagogue, and cafeteria, are all available to Haleli’s students. Givat Washington has many lawns and green spaces, creating a pleasant environment for students to socialize and spend leisure time.

Haleli’s daily schedule and environment reflect its religious foundation. Morning prayers are held each day, and its dress code is based upon the rules of modesty. Some Shabbatot are held on campus, with all students celebrating the day together, while others are open, enabling students to spend Shabbat with relatives or friends.

Haleli is the perfect choice for modern orthodox girls who want to build a life in Israel and study in an arts-oriented atmosphere. The school provides Naale students with a wonderful opportunity to live and study alongside Israeli students within a religious framework, with constant exposure to the arts.

The Naale program at Haleli will begin in 10th grade, and most of the first year will be focused upon Hebrew language acquisition, with core curriculum classes (math, English, and sciences) conducted primarily in English. In subsequent years, classes will be conducted mainly in Hebrew, with matriculation tracks in English, math, Hebrew, and science disciplines.

Students wishing to join the arts program will require a successful audition, and will receive a special additional scholarship. However, regardless of study track, all students at Haleli will benefit from and enjoy the school’s artistic atmosphere and offerings.

In addition to their curriculum of formal studies, students will enjoy a variety of after-school enrichment programs, classes, social activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Naale at Haleli will have dedicated staff members to assist students both academically and in adjusting to a new country and an environment far from their families. These include a counselor, a social worker, and a psychologist. Additionally, students receive Hebrew language support where necessary, and an afternoon learning center provides academic reinforcement for students having difficulty in specific subjects.

Haleli staff maintain contact with the girls’ families, in order to update them regarding their progress and adjustment.

 Naale students will live in the dormitory along with the Israeli students, but in their own rooms of four students each. 

This will support integration into Israeli society and establishing relationships with Israeli peers. The dormitory facilities include laundry and computer rooms, and meeting or “club” rooms for the girls’ use.

Students will have access to all the Givat Washington facilities mentioned above.

Most Shabbatot are open, enabling students to visit friends, relatives, or adoptive families that the school will arrange for them.

There are also “on-campus” Shabbatot, in which all the girls celebrate the day together.

The students’ dormitory rooms are theirs throughout the year, enabling them to stay on campus for Shabbat if they choose to do so, even if most of the students have gone away.

In this case, meals will be provided.


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