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Tiki Levgoren

Tiki earned an Executive MBA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is the mother of three daughters. Her eldest daughter, Roni, is a Naale graduate from Mosenson Youth Village.

In her words: “I love working for Naale, I see it as important shlichut. This fully funded program enables Jewish teenagers from around the world to get Jewish education in Israel. They have an an amazing opportunity to experience Israel in every possible way. They learn the language, experience the unique atmosphere during the holidays and become familiar with Israel’s beautiful sights and landscapes through trips. During the program, they become mature, self-sufficient and resilient and create lifelong friendships. After finishing the program, they go back to their communities with a deep and strong connection to their homeland and people. This program is also the best platform for successful absorption in Israel for those who choose to stay.”

השאירו לנו הודעה ומנהל האזור שלנו יחזור אליכם עם מידע נוסף

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