Naale schools provide a one-of-a-kind high school education in Israel to Jewish teens from around the world, at no cost.


Naale schools are dedicated to academic excellence and a vibrant social experience. Some Naale schools take place in a religious, single-sex school setting, while other Naale schools are non-religious and co-ed.

Naale programs are fully subsidized to cover the cost of tuition, room and board, air fare to Israel at the start of the program, as well as school trips and activities. Naale was founded in a joint effort with the Jewish Agency for Israel to bring Jewish students from around the world to study in Israel during their high school years.

Naale students attain a comprehensive education, learn Hebrew, and earn a bagrut diploma while connecting to their homeland and heritage in a deep way. The Naale experience at each of our schools provides your child with lifelong skills, meaningful connections, and unparalleled experiences.

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Israel High School Experience

Families send their children to Israeli high school programs for a wide range of reasons. For some, it’s the opportunity to provide the student with a more immersive Jewish high school experience. Others want their child to enjoy the intellectual challenges of a high quality international Jewish high school.

High school programs in Israel allow students to learn in an educational setting that meets their specific interests, learning style or religious orientation.

Naale High School Experience

Naale offers teens a challenging and fulfilling educational framework that enables them to complete high school credentials and matriculation while enjoying an immersive Israeli and Jewish high school experience. Students acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable them to move forward with post-high school studies or work anywhere in the world. 

The Naale high schools in Israel are supervised communities of young teens from around the world. During the first year, students learn in an intensive Hebrew Ulpan in their first year and learn major curricular subjects – sciences, math, English – in their mother tongue (English, French, Spanish, Russian or Portuguese). Hebrew is introduced slowly as a second language, over time Hebrew becomes the core language of instruction.
The curriculum includes both core academic subjects, special interest studies which each student selects and focuses and extra-curricular activities.
All Naale Israel high school programs follow Israel’s Ministry of Education’s high school curriculum. Each student studies at the level that best suits his/her abilities. 

The high schools offer three tracks of core subject studies in order to give each student the chance to study for his/her matriculation exam at the appropriate level. For instance, students who are strong in math have the option of preparing for the 5- point (highest level) math matriculation exam. Others can take classes in the 3 or 4-point (average) math levels.

Naale students are also given a track in which they can take extra classes for specialization – computers, biology, physics, art, graphics, etc.

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Communal Life

The goal of Naale is to provide the right framework — both educationally, socially and religiously — for each student’s personal needs. There are religious schools for boys, religious schools for girls and general schools, where the student body is mixed.

Naale’s religious high schools in Israel include additional religious subjects as part of their academic curriculum. The campus’s community life at these schools is Torah-observant. Students are invited into the homes of local families to celebrate Shabbat and holidays with their “adoptive” families. The schools that are geared towards religious students pair the students with religious families.


The Naale high school program involves students in grades 9 – 12. Many students start in 9th grade while others begin only in the 10th grade. The 10th grade is the foundational grade for Naale students so if a student who is going into the 11th grade wishes to join a class, s/he will repeat the 10th grade.

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