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An excePTionAl educATion for excePTionAl Minds

Developing the innovators of tomorrow

Nahalal Youth Village was originally founded in 1923 as an agricultural village by pioneer Chana Maisel who spearheaded the establishment of training frameworks for women in pre-State Israel. From its early days, the collective encouraged women to contribute to the innovation and development of Israel.

Since then, it has become one of Israel’s premier academic institutions for males and females alike, training future leaders in the fields of science, technology, high-tech, medicine, academia, and politics. From 2012, Nahalal hosted the Nahalal – Anieres program, a joint project of World ORT and the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology. The last class of Anieres started their studies in 2021.

The school is located on a spacious, green campus at the WIZO Nahalal Youth Village in northern Israel. Naale students make up nearly 10% of the overall student body, and account for a third of the students who board at the school.  

An academic foundation in specialized fields for gifted students

Nahalal is suitable for students who excel in sciences, technology, engineering, and math. Gifted teens who meet the criteria to study at Nahalal experience all of the benefits of the Naale program. 

Nahalal students are diligent teens from solid backgrounds. They are proud to be learning at what is considered one of the best schools in all of Israel.

Students who attend Nahalal are highly motivated, gifted teens who wish to begin advanced-level studies in the STEM subjects while still in high school. Naale students at Nahalal come from all over the world. They are eager to take good advantage of the unique opportunity the Nahalal platform offers. 

Nahalal students are self-starters who are relied upon to take charge of their own learning. They learn to be responsible for themselves as the school gives them a good deal of freedom with guidance to make productive choices in their study.

Nahalal serves several different groups in addition to Naale students. Local students come from the neighboring communities..  

The full range of academic subjects are taught at Nahalal, including math, English, literature, Hebrew grammar, history, and civics studies. Additional classes are taught in chemistry, physics, robo-physics, engineering, and other STEM subjects, all taught at the highest academic standards. 

Nahalal is there for students at each step along the way, providing enrichment and tutoring, preparing students for their psychometric exams, and more.  

While academic excellence is at the forefront of Nahalals’ students’ minds, the program offers so much more. Socialization and enjoyment are part of the well-rounded Nahalal experience. Students often find that because they are surrounded by so many like-minded peers, they can enjoy not only academic pursuits together, but recreational ones as well. 

Chugim, or extracurricular activities at Nahalal include swimming at one of two pools, horse riding at the stables, soccer, basketball, and a gym. Additional chugim are offered in music, makeup, photography, martial arts, and archery. A climbing wall in nearby Ramat Hadassah is enjoyed by students. The chugim that are offered, vary from year to year depending on student interest. Students can take classes at a music and dancing academy nearby. 

A springboard for success alongside like-minded peers

At Nahalal, students adapt well to the school environment. They share interests and a common drive for success. Academic success is valued at Nahalal, and students take pride in their accomplishments alongside those of their peers.

Students are matched with local host families who serve as an additional resource of support. The school staff makes a strong effort to pair students with suitable host families for optimum benefit to both sides.

Learning Hebrew

Students receive help in acquiring the language so that they may integrate into classes taught in Hebrew within the larger program. Many teachers speak English which helps overseas students acclimate to their studies. 

Top-level instructors who propel students towards their ultimate best

The excellent staff at Nahalal is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. The educators are genuinely excited that Nahalal serves as a springboard for the science minds of tomorrow, and consider the program a great success. Students receive the support they need both academically and emotionally so they can lead the next generation in the fields of science, medicine and technology, in a healthy and balanced way. 

Several social workers and psychologists are available on staff, as well as additional support by the Naale staff. Students at Nahalal are enveloped by a warm, encouraging environment that is attentive to their needs.

The school learning center operates 4 days a week in the afternoon and evening hours. One-on-one tutors and private teachers are matched with students to provide academic help as needed. 

There are night counselors who supervise students overnight at Nahalal. On staff, there are male and female coordinators who take more of a parenting role in the lives of students. 

A nurse is available to students at the dorm. There are also guest houses on the premises for parents who come to get to know the school or want to visit. 

Dorms and facilities at Nahalal

The Nahalal Youth Village is located on a beautiful campus on a moshav in Israel’s north. The moshav has several stores on site, such as a supermarket, a barber shop, and a tailor, as well as health and post services. The school and moshav residents maintain a nice connection, and students get to know some of the local families.

The youth village has an agricultural feel to it with animal milking sessions in the morning and evening, grapevines, orchards, and horses to ride.

The school grounds are oval-shaped with different paths leading from the oval for each grade at the school. There are 8-10 classes in each grade. 

The school dorms are housed in 11 buildings. There are 2 or 3 students in a room. Each room has a bathroom with a shower and air conditioning. Common areas in the dorms feature space to relax, watch television, prepare food in a kitchenette, and use the washing machine and dryer to launder clothing. A lobby and moadon or club meeting rooms are available as well. 

Three nutritious meals are cooked on site and served daily by the attentive kitchen staff at Nahalal. The school cook makes every effort to prepare food according to students’ needs, and the food is delicious. Plastic use is minimized at the village, so meals are served on reusable dishes and glassware. 

Religious Observance

While the Nahalal Youth Village is not religious by nature, religiously observant students will feel comfortable at Nahalal. The village has a synagogue with Shabbat services and kosher food, and there is time to pray, for students who require it. A religiously observant student will be matched with an observant host family. 

The school is a coed one, with male and female students living in the same dorm buildings and studying in classes together. Bedrooms in the dorms are separate for boys and girls.

Israeli high school classroom.

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Many Nahalal graduates have gone on to leadership roles in Israeli society in the fields of technology, politics, economy, the military, and culture. The school has been awarded numerous prizes for excellence in education.


Students have received care and attention from the residents of the moshav of Nahalal during Corona. Locals brought cakes and other treats to the students. The students pitched in at the moshav and helped with tasks and chores.

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