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A warm, family environment at one of the premier girls’ religious schools in Israel

History of Amana and Naale at Amana

The second ulpana (religious girls’ high school) to be established in Israel over 50 years ago, Amana is one of the more well-known Torah-oriented schools in the country for girls. The school combines excellence in academics with a great deal of social interaction to help girls actualize their potential in life and propel them forward.

Amana boasts some third-generation students whose grandmothers attended the school. Amana is a large school with 400 students in 9-12 grades and an additional 150 students in the junior high school. There are Naale students within each high school grade at Amana.

Naale began at Amana in 2012 with 20 students and has grown to number around 100 students within the school. Naale has a place of honor at Amana. Amana offers a warm, family atmosphere and the school staff maintain close ties with students long after graduation.

School environment

Situated within the city of Kfar Saba, Amana is an elite boarding school for religious Zionist girls. The city has easy access to medical centers, banks, grocery stores, clothing shops, and more, as well as convenient transportation options.

A springboard to life in Israel as an accomplished, capable young woman

What type of student typically attends Naale at Amana?

Amana’s students are girls who see themselves building a life in Israel and want to attend Amana as a stepping stone for their future. Some girls have families who have already made aliyah and want to learn at Amana through Naale because of the uniqueness of the program. Some families follow in their daughters’ footsteps and make aliyah during or after their daughters’ time at the school.

Most girls remain in Israel after high school and go on to do sherut leumi, attend midrasha and university, and build their homes in Israel. The school maintains strong bonds with its graduates, hosting them for alumni shiurim and more. 

Solid foundations and a shining future

Amana graduates are poised to become leaders in the Jewish world with a clear sense of their religious identity. Students take pride in their observance while advancing in the field of their choice. Some alumni have gone on to be shluchot for organizations like Bnei Akiva or Torah Mitzion. Their time at Amana is a guiding force in these experiences.

When your daughter graduates from Naale at Amana, she will be fully prepared for college with an internationally-recognized diploma, a sense of responsibility and pride in her accomplishments, and a deep appreciation of her heritage.

Meaningful integration with Israeli peers, in and out of the classroom

There is a strong emphasis on Naale students integrating with their Israeli peers, both in the classroom and in the dormitories. Some activities take place for Naale students separately, but overall, most activities take place within the mainstream school program. 

The Dorming Experience

From ninth grade and on, all Amana students board in the school dorms. Each of the three dorm buildings on campus house 150 students with 4 girls per room. Students live, learn, and socialize in an atmosphere that is pleasant and laid-back. 

The Israeli students at Amana are known for the warm embrace with which they welcome students from abroad. Naale students quickly feel at home and enjoy making new friends and having unique experiences. 

Facilities at Amana

Amana up-to-date facilities feature beautiful grounds as well as a sports hall, home economics room, basketball courts, a computer room, auditorium, shul with a minyan, and several moadonim or meeting rooms. Amana provides laundry facilities where the students can independently launder their clothing. Three nutritious meals are provided daily in the school cafeteria. The school and campus are guarded 24/7.

Nurturing staff and a home away from home

Supportive, warm staff

Amana has dedicated staff for the Naale program who assist girls academically and socially. The staff includes a social worker and psychologist, both of whom speak fluent English and Hebrew. A Hebrew-speaking nurse on staff understands English, as does a Hebrew-speaking academic counselor. Caring teachers and dorm counselors, as well as a dorm mother, are available to the girls. 

While most Naale students are able to study in Hebrew after their initial year of ulpan, tutoring and academic help is available when needed. 

Naale staff at Amana remain in close contact with students’ parents, keeping them informed and involved in their daughters’ progress, even from afar.

Shabbat and holidays

The staff can arrange Shabbat placements for Naale students. Shabbat accommodations for students should be local when possible. All families hosting the girls for Shabbat must be religiously observant. 

Girls are assigned an adoptive family and visit them on Shabbatot throughout the year. Some weeks feature school Shabbatot where all Amana students stay at school, creating a shared bonding experience.

On certain holidays, all Amana students remain at school. These dates are Yom Kippur, Purim night, Yom Haatzmaut night, and Shavuot. Lag Ba’Omer trips are also a special tradition for Naale students at Amana.

Hebrew study built in to the full range of Torah and secular subjects

Academic Programs

Students learn core subjects including Torah studies, Hebrew and Hebrew grammar, English, math, history, literature, science, physical education, and more. 

Megamot, or electives, at Amana include land of Israel studies, sociology, psychology, drama, biology, and chemistry. Naale students choose a megama at the end of 10th grade, along with all Amana students. 

Amana offers enriching extracurriculars such as drama, art, and Krav Maga. 

Acquiring Hebrew

Naale classes at Amana take place in Hebrew as much as possible. There is a good deal of English support, as well as many hours of ulpan studies to help students acquire Hebrew.  Extra help and tutoring are available for students as needed. 

Because not all of the Naale students are from English-speaking countries, the goal is to use Hebrew as a common language. Significant support allows students to successfully attain a bagrut diploma, with olim concessions as needed. 

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Amana students originate from 20 countries. Amana has earned the Jerusalem Prize, and a member of the Knesset is an alumna of the school. 


Amana has combined Zoom classes with regular frontal learning when possible during this challenging time. Some virtual classes have taken place in the afternoons or evenings to avoid time conflicts. There have been distanced social activities to maintain close ties among students and staff.

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