A Multicultural Hub Where Learning is an Experience
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A MulTiculTurAl hub where leArning is An exPerience

An established history of welcoming olim with a modern approach to education

Mosenson Youth Village is set within the heart of the city of Hod Hasharon. The school complex is named in memory of Ben Zion Mossensohn, one of the founders of Tel Aviv who was a public figure and a teacher. 

The school was established in 1941 as part of a network of schools in the Zionist Youth Movement. Its purpose was to be a home for new immigrants (olim) and help them acclimate to life in Israel, and to teach them science, technology, art and sports. 

The school prioritized absorbing olim from its earliest days. Mosenson has long welcomed olim from all over the world. In the early days, these were mainly youth who wanted to come to Israel without family support in the country. 

Given its welcoming history, it’s easy to understand why Mosenson has embraced the Naale program since it began. Naale has been at Mosenson for 28 years and Mosenson is proud to absorb Naale students from around the globe. 

There are 1000 students who attend high school at Mosenson. Around 270 of them live in the dormitories, and of those 270, more than half are Naale students.

A diverse environment that celebrates and encourages students

Mosenson is a warm, supportive environment with a multicultural, international flavor. Overseas students’ native cultures are celebrated and their traditions maintained, all while acclimating to life in Israel together. 

Mosenson is a well established educational institution with many years of experience in helping student olim integrate successfully. The school adheres to the belief that varied cultural experiences are an essential part of a well-rounded education. 

What type of student typically attends Naale at Mosenson?

Naale students at Mosenson come from all over the world and from all types of communities. In one dorm room, you may find students who hail from China, Turkey, Sweden, and the United States. 

A typical Mosenson student is responsible, independent, and a Zionist at heart. Hard work, giving, and volunteering are core values at the school. Mosenson students develop a healthy sense of independence, expand their social reach, and broaden their horizons during their formative years at the school.

Balanced and complete academic studies

Mosenson provides students with a comprehensive education for life. Mandatory core subjects include literature, history, bible studies, civics, Hebrew and Hebrew grammar, science, math, English, and physical education. 

Many megamot or electives are available at the school. For olim who have not yet acquired Hebrew, the school offers diplomacy in English, chemistry, art, environmental sciences, and agro-ecology. Olim who have acquired a stronger level of Hebrew may also join the regular megamot at the school which include physics, biology, computer science, law, psychology and sociology, and land of Israel studies. 

A colorful array of chugim, activities, and meaningful volunteering

Chugim or activities at Mosenson include art, zumba, mixed martial arts, yoga, meditation, krav maga, volleyball, a running group, and a fully equipped music room. Workshops are run regularly on a range of topics. There are college preparatory courses as well as preparation for the army. 

Tiyulim (school trips) give students the opportunity to get to know Israel through exciting shared experiences. 

There is a mentorship program in which community members run enrichment programs for students. 

Students volunteer extensively in the community through different initiatives. One great example is a mutual project done with a nearby nursing home, in which overseas students are paired with nursing home residents who speak the same native language as they do. These experiences are very rewarding. Corona-permitting, the school hopes to renew volunteer programs soon.

The confidence to thrive as an individual and as a member of a community

At Mosenson, students learn to be responsible for their own growth and become mature, independent young adults. As important as what is learned in the classroom, these life skills give students direction and a sense of confidence in themselves that they couldn’t acquire elsewhere. 

Mosenson is a very soft landing in terms of acclimating into Israeli society. Students take pride in their home culture while gradually adjusting to life in Israel as a group. 

Naale students at Mosenson want to acclimate into Israeli society, and they do so in stages. They integrate into the larger school at their own pace as they learn to navigate the social environment, acquire the language, and take an active role in school activities. 

During Olim Week, or Shavuah Ha’oleh, the youth village devotes itself to its immigrant students. There are booths around the campus representing the different cultures and countries of origin of the students. Food, music, symbols, and activities create a vibrant carnival atmosphere in which students get to showcase where they come from. 

A highlight for students is the delegation to Poland to learn about Jewish history before and during the Holocaust, in which students truly bond over the intense experience.Students are matched with carefully selected local families who serve as adoptive host families, an additional resource of support for those without immediate family in Israel.  There is also an adoptive class program, in which a class of olim is paired with native Israeli students and friendships are cultivated.

Mosenson’s Naale students learn Hebrew in an ulpan program within the school. When students are ready, they attend classes in Hebrew with support as needed. Each student is nurtured to move forward at a steady, individualized pace. Assistance is provided to students to prepare for their bagrut tests, and olim concessions are applied to their exams. 

Warm, attentive staff who become like family to students

The staff at Mosenson is known for excellence. They are a dedicated, established team who are particularly warm and supportive. Students know they can seek out their teachers for help with anything and they become like family. There is a school learning center where students can receive assistance as well. 

The staff gives students extra help and attention to allow each student to fulfill his or her potential. Teachers provide emotional and academic support. Staff members make sure to communicate with Naale students’ families to let them know how their children are doing. 

Each dorm has a dorm mother who provides additional support to students. Each group of students also has a homeroom teacher and a social worker on staff. 

Dorming and Facilities at Mosenson

The Mosenson campus is well-cultivated and modern. There are six dorm buildings with 12 rooms in each building. Each dorm room houses 4 students and includes a bathroom with a shower. Each dorm building includes a recreation area with television and WiFi, and a laundry room where students can drop off their laundry weekly. Each building also has a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. The school dining room serves three hot, nutritious meals daily with multiple dietary options.

The Mosenson campus houses a small agricultural farm as well as an ecological, outdoor kitchen in which food is grown and prepared by students. There is a fitness center at the school with a personal trainer available. There are sports courts and various centers for activities and recreation. 

Shabbat, Holidays, and Religious Considerations

Mosenson is ideologically a secular institution. The school and dorms are coed. Dorm buildings house both boys and girls, but not in the same room. Academic and social activities are all coed. 

The coed atmosphere is by design. Mosenson believes that the school environment mirrors a family setting, and prepares students for real life. Just as in society, males and females interact and work side by side, their positive and healthy interactions during these school years help to foster that development. 

There are students at Mosenson who come from a religious background, and the school gladly accommodates their needs. They are able to attend synagogue, observe Shabbat, and feel comfortable at the school as well.

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Mosenson is a prize-winning institution, recently having earned the Ministry of Education’s Award for Excellence in 2019. 

There are an incredible 26 countries of origin represented in the village, including Germany, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, China, France, and more.


The teachers have been very dedicated to the students during Corona. They often taught in the evening hours to allow for optimal scheduling. Classes were taught over Zoom and it went well. In-person classes take place when possible. 

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