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A dynAMic School For chAbAd high School girlS FroM Around The world

High standards in Chassidut along with academic excellence

Beit Chana was founded in Tzfat in 5737 (1977) with the Rebbe’s bracha to provide a comprehensive education for the local Lubavitch community according to the values of Chabad chassidut. Over the years, Beit Chana has expanded to include high school girls from throughout Israel and around the world. Naale students comprise over ten percent of the student body, and account for nearly half of the school’s boarding students. 

The Naale program at Beit Chana serves the daughters of Chabad shluchim from around the globe. The school is dedicated to helping each student meet her academic, social, emotional, and religious potential, as well as guiding her for continued success after graduation


The school is located on a spacious hilltop campus in the holy city of Tzfat. The school overlooks the Galilee with incredible views of the Kinneret and Mt. Meron. 


What type of student typically attends Beit Chana?

Naale students attend Beit Chana through what is called the Bnot HaShluchim, or daughters of shluchim, program. It offers girls who do not have a suitable local high school the opportunity to study with like-minded chassidishe peers at a premier girls’ high school in Israel.

Students at Beit Chana learn all of the core subjects including English, math, and science. Beit Chana features a rich curriculum in limudei Kodesh with advanced studies in Chassidut and Nigleh

Megamot or electives are offered in graphic design, biology, Yiddish, and business management. 


Beit Chana offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including baking, cooking, art, ceramics, guitar, keyboard, aerobics, dance, and first aid training. 

Chassidic holidays throughout the year are marked with meaningful hitva’aduyot, farbrengens and inspirational guest speakers. Exciting Chassidic campaigns are run throughout the year with prizes like plane tickets to the Rebbe and to Haditch

Students at Beit Chana go on tiyulim, or field trips around the country to parks, nature reserves and famous Jewish sites, connecting the girls to Israel through fun, bonding experiences.

Students are given academic and emotional support so that they can easily acclimate to Hebrew studies at Beit Chana.

During their first year at Beit Chana, Naale students learn Hebrew at an intensive Ulpan program. They receive additional academic assistance with their studies as needed.


Campus and dormitories

Beit Chana is housed on a modern, attractive campus within the holy city of Tzfat. The campus includes up-to-date classrooms, a newly renovated dorm building, a music room, a library, a computer lab, auditoriums, athletic equipment, an arts and crafts room, and recreational spaces. The campus is green and inviting, and is secured by a guard at all times.

Each dorm room accommodates 3-4 students and includes a bathroom with a shower. Dorms feature a kitchen area in which students may cook or bake, as well as washing machines and dryers for students to do their laundry.

Five computers are available for Naale students to email and Skype with family, two of which have a special program for students to access Whatsapp.

Every grade has its own lounge where daily group meetings and activities are held. The school dining room serves three nutritious meals daily using the highest kashrut standards. There is also a coffee corner and self-serve refreshment stand. 

Every other week, there is an in-school Shabbat in which students daven together at the Beit Chana minyan, eat and sing together, and enjoy a lively farbrengen with special guest shluchim families. 

Warm, attentive staff

Staff members at Beit Chana are devoted shluchot who are dedicated to the success of each of their students. A hallmark of Beit Chana is the individualized attention given to each girl. Staff are specially selected for their professionalism and experience. 

Beit Chana’s Naale staff ensures that students maintain emotional and academic confidence. In addition to teachers, there are guidance counselors, social workers, and therapists on staff, one of whom is a fluent English speaker. The dorm also has a full time nurse on staff, who speaks English and Russian, as well as Hebrew. 

A tutoring coordinator on staff pairs students with the most suitable tutors so they can thrive academically. The tutoring program builds students’ confidence and ensures their optimal academic success. 

School Achievements

Beit Chana was recently awarded the National Award for Education as well as the 2015 ‘Beautiful Campus’ award for its breathtaking views of the Galilee mountains and the Kinneret.


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