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Hear from student about Naale - Morgan Cohen

Hear from student about Naale - David Ganem

Hear from student about Naale - Ross Pressner

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Alex Hart - Mosenson

Alex Hart, 16, 10th grade, Mosenson co-ed school, born in Wisconsin, US
The wonderful part about being at Naale is the connections I’ve made with people. I have one very, very close friend here. We made friends at the interviews and we’ve been friends ever since. We had a connection from the beginning. She’s the one person that I trust completely here. I also have another really good friend. It’s very important to have one or two close friends who you can trust and really depend on.

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Revaia Pellman - Amanah

Revaia Pellman, 16, 10th grade, Ulpanat Amanah religious girls’ school, born in Toronto, Canada
“My sister is in 12th grade here as well. My Mom is Israeli and she thought it would be a good way for us to get into the Israeli culture and gain an understanding of what it’s like to be in Israel and to be Israeli. We’ve always been religious and so coming to a religious school with the Naale program was the perfect place for me.

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Ana Friberg - Mosenson

Once in a lifetime experience
“Before Naale, I had my parents who would tell me what to do. Now I have to be more independent. I take care of my money; when I have to go to the doctor, I have to get there by myself; if I want to be healthy, I’m going to have to eat healthy. It’s my decision now – how to eat, how to dress, what’s the right thing to do, when I go to friends…

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Shimon Dorfman - Sha'alavim

Many benefits at such an elite school
“My mother was looking in a German magazine and saw an article about Naale, and we thought it would be a good idea for me. My parents agreed to send me because it was in Israel, and it’s an elite school and I could learn Hebrew. We realized there were many benefits and I always wanted to come to Israel.

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Jennifer Kouby - Amanah

Best years of high school
“Naale has definitely made me a lot more independent and I am far more responsible for myself and my friends because I live with them. This has helped me get over all the challenges I’ve faced because we’ve done it together. It has made the supposedly three hardest years of high school, the three best years.

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Ze'ev Bar Yadin - Mosenson

Ze'ev Bar Yadin, 17, 12th grade, Mosenson co-ed school, born in San Antonio, Texas
I wanted to come to Naale so I could become my own person away from my family, become independent, and prove to myself I could do it on my own, that I don’t really need to rely on anyone. And I’m doing great. I’m so much more independent now. I’ve seen other changes as well, especially to my confidence.

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Yonatan Ratson - Sha'alavim

Everyone sticks together
Yonatan Ratson, 14, 10th grade, Sha’alavim religious boys’ school, born in Monsey, New York

“Naale is a good program and the quality of the education here is very high. It’s a great environment and everyone sticks together.

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Chana Tova Zamir - Amanah

Chana Tova Zamir, 16, 10th grade, Amanah religious girl’s school, born in Montreal, Canada
I’ve felt a very strong connection to Israel for a long time, so when I found out about Naale, I was very excited about the idea. I came to connect to the people, the place, to educate myself, and to learn about a different culture, and so far. I think I’m doing a good job. Israel is definitely something very different, but I’ve learned a lot and made many friends, Israeli and others.

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Menachem Pelled - Sha'alavim

An introduction to life
Menachem Pelled, 16, 10th grade, Sha’alavim religious boys’ school, born in New York, US

“Naale is awesome from every aspect, the education, the fun, the life here, it’s just awesome. The kids are great, the teachers are wonderful and we go on many special and interesting trips with the school.

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Eitan Lewy - Kfar Rupin

A process of growing up
“I’ve wanted to come to Israel since I was young. My mother taught me about Israel and raised me to be an ‘Israel-lover’. I was sick of the anti-semitism in Mexico and so I decided to come to Naale.

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