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Naale International High Schools in Israel for English Speakers in the general track

At Naale Elite Academy, Jewish teens seeking a high-level education, receive a full three- or four-year scholarship to one of our top Israeli boarding schools, connecting them to their Jewish roots and Israel. In this unique opportunity to study in Israel, they make life-long friends from all over the world in a warm and supportive atmosphere, earning an internationally-recognized diploma and gaining invaluable tools for life.

First year learning Hebrew, studying core subjects

The Naale high schools in Israel provide a warm supervised educational environment for young teens from around the world. During the first year, students learn in Hebrew ulpan. Over time, Hebrew becomes the core language of instruction. The schools provide support in English, and in addition at the beginning some of the teachers teach core subjects in English.

The curriculum also includes special interest studies which each student can choose according to their interest. There is also a wide selection of extra-curricular activities. All of Naale’s Israeli high schools follow Israel’s Ministry of Education’s high school curriculum, with each student studying core subjects in one of the three track levels that best suits their abilities. This provides each student the chance to study for their matriculation exam at the appropriate level for them. Naale students are also given a choice of track in which they can take extra classes that the schools offer for specialization– for example: computers, biology, physics, art, graphics, etc.

American-style International School in Israel

Naale also offers one of the top options for those looking for American-style school in Israel studies. With eight schools offering different styles of study within an English-speaking environment, families seeking an American-style international school in Israel will easily find the school which best fits their needs.

The Naale study in Israel program is co-funded by the State of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel. Naale is affiliated with over 25 high schools throughout Israel, both religious and general schools. The general schools are co-ed and the religious schools are separate for boys and girls.

Each of Naale’s schools caters to a different demographic based on religious preference and common language.

The balance of Hebrew and English instruction varies among schools. Acquiring Hebrew is a goal at Naale, and each school and teacher strives to help students learn the language gradually.

Generally, during the first semester, teachers use basic Hebrew and may explain course material in English. Afterward, most classes are taught in basic Hebrew. By the end of their first year, most students have acquired a strong foundation in reading, writing, and conversational Hebrew. After the first year, instruction and testing typically take place in Hebrew.

Here you can get to know each of Naale general studies schools providing an American-style international school experience in Israel experience within an English-speaking environment:

Ayanot – A Cooperative Community Where Individuality and Innovation Flourish

ayanot school

The original values on which Ayanot was founded continue to reverberate today – taking pride in meaningful work, joyful cooperation, and boundless creativity. Classes at Ayanot are small and offer study in Israel with a lot of individualized attention. While academic studies are important, this Youth Village located on an agricultural farm also emphasizes experiences and informal educational methods on their working farm.

The wide array of extracurricular activities available to students as part of their study in Israel at Naale also attests to Ayanot’s dynamic way of encouraging individual development.

A new exciting Earth Science track in partnership with the prestigious Weizmann Institute students can take part in environmental studies along with students from around Israel, including field trips to Israel’s mountains, water sources, deserts and beaches.

Volunteering is an important part of the Ayanot experience and allows students to contribute to  the wider society and community. Through their meaningful volunteer work, students encounter the diversity of the Israeli society.

Individuals at the school who are religiously observant have their needs met, though the environment is not an actively religious one.

Mosenson Youth Village – a Multicultural Hub Where learning is an Experience

Mosenson Youth Village

Mosenson has long welcomed students from all over the world and from all types of communities for study in Israel.

In one dorm room, you may find students who hail from China, Turkey, Sweden, and the United States.

Mosenson’s warm, supportive environment provides a multicultural, international educational experience.

Overseas students’ native cultures are celebrated and their traditions maintained, all while acclimating to life in Israel together.

Mosenson has many years of experience  working with student olim who study in Israel to integrate successfully,. One of the school’s core beliefs is that  varied cultural experiences are an essential part of a well-rounded education.

Many electives are available at the school. For students who have not yet acquired Hebrew, the school offers diplomacy in English, chemistry, art, environmental sciences, and agro-ecology.

Mosenson’s Naale students learn Hebrew in an ulpan program within the school. When students are ready, they attend classes in Hebrew with support as needed. Each student is nurtured to move forward at a steady, individualized pace during their study in Israel. Assistance is provided to students to prepare for their matriculation tests, and olim concessions are applied to their exams.

Mosenson is a general track institution. The school and dorms are coed. Academic and social activities are all coed by design.

There are students at Mosenson who come from a religious background, and the school gladly accommodates their needs. They are able to attend synagogue, observe Shabbat, and feel comfortable at the school as well.

WIZO Nahalal Youth Village – An Exceptional Education for Exceptional Minds

nahalal school

One of Israel’s premier co-ed academic institutions for both local and international students studying in Israel.

Nahalal has trained leaders in the fields of science, technology, high-tech, medicine, academia, and politics.

Study in Israel at Nahalal is suitable for students who excel in sciences, technology, engineering, and math. Gifted teens who meet the criteria to study at Nahalal experience all of the benefits of the Naale study in Israel program. Nahalal students come from all over the world and are highly motivated, gifted teens who are ready to begin advanced-level studies in the STEM subjects while still in high school.

The full range of academic subjects for study in Israel are taught at Nahalal, including math, English, literature, Hebrew grammar, history, and civics studies. Additional classes are taught in chemistry, physics, robo-physics, engineering, and other STEM subjects, all taught at the highest academic standards.

Social interaction amongst the students and enjoyment of free time are also part of the Nahalal experience. Students find they have a lot in common with their peers  in this program and enjoy not only academic pursuits together, but recreational ones as well.

While the Nahalal Youth Village is not a religious school, religiously observant students also feel comfortable at Nahalal. The village has a synagogue with Shabbat services and kosher food, and there is time to pray, for students who wish to do so.

With this variety of schools from which to choose, Jewish international students seeking a study in Israel experience of academic excellence will be able to find the one which is most suited to them.

Please contact your regional Naale representative for any questions and more information about our general studies schools.

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