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Gidon Berman

Gidon was born in the Netherlands and made aliyah at the age of 12. He completed high school in Beer Sheva and served in the IDF, then completed a BA and MA in Geography and Environmental Development. Gidon taught at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Achva College until becoming Planning Coordinator for Education in Tel Aviv-Yafo. For seven years, he specialized in all sectors of Israeli education, from preschool to high school.

Gidon and his wife wanted to continue their professional development and traveled to Chicago, where they enrolled in graduate school. Since completing his graduate studies, Gidon has been a regional manager for Naale. He also works also in IT, leads a non-profit focused on acquiring Hebrew-language and promoting Israeli culture, and is the father of a son and daughter.

In Gidon’s words: “The Naale program overcomes educational, language, social, and cultural barriers. Naale strengthens the relationship between all of us and Israel. It is a pleasure to work with youth and see how they develop in Israel as they wouldn’t anywhere else. It is a joy and honor to work with the wonderful families of Naale. I recommend the program wholeheartedly!

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